Women and Vaping


Vaping has often been thought of as a boy’s club or a man’s game. When many people think about vaping they think of both vape stores run by men and vapers who are male. The times are changing though, when it comes to the demographic of vaping. Recent studies show that women make up about half of those who are currently vaping, and more and more women are choosing to enter the vaping business. But why is this the case? Visit website to get started.

The majority of people that choose to vape are those quitting smoking. This has been the case from the beginning and remains the case today. Women are more likely than men to choose e-cigarettes as the method for quitting over the patch or quitting medications. Studies are inconclusive as to why this is, but it is potentially a financial decision based in saving money. Since the vaporizing pen is a one-time purchase and one simply needs to buy refills of the vape liquid, there can be a significant money savings involved with switching to vaping.

Women may also be more concerned about ingredients than men. Vaporizer liquid contains far less chemicals than traditional cigarettes, and often contains very few chemicals at all. There is also the ability to switch to nicotine-free liquid if a person wants to get rid of their nicotine addiction completely.

Another reason that women may be more likely to take up vaping is for reasons relating to scent. While smoking vaporizer pens still can give a boost of nicotine, it doesn’t give off the same “smoky smell” that smoking a traditional cigarette would. This is more aesthetically pleasing for many women and may be part of the rise in women switching to vaping. Check out this blog post on filling vape pens for more information.

Women also may choose to vape over smoking regular cigarettes because of the variety of vape pen and vaporizing liquid choices that are available. Instead of unsightly cigarettes, they can carry a vaporizing pen that can make a fashionable statement or be an addition to their look. The variety of vaporizing liquid may also be a draw. Instead of tasting like smoke and chemicals, vaporizing liquid comes in a variety of flavors, ranging from earthy to fruity flavors. Choice can be an incentive to being vaping.

For a wide variety of reasons, women are turning to vaping in much larger numbers than in years past. Since vaping offers a wide variety of cost-effective options, it is a great hobby for men and women alike. For more info, visit http://www.ehow.com/how_5609771_operate-electronic-cigarette.html.


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